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Mr Caven Vines

E mail


24th February 2017

For the attention of The Communities Secretary Mr Sajid Javid MP 

                                  RE: - Rotherham MBC 

Dear Mr Javid

                        I write to you seeking for some honest answers to the big question asked by many residents of Rotherham about your decision of returning powers back to the Labour controlling Councillors of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, after your appointed inspector and investigator Louise Casey made it quite clear that some of these Councillors were unfit for purpose and your dep’t appointed commissioners at £800 per day to run this disgraced unfit for purpose council.

The questions being asked of you are as follows.

How have you arrived at this decision to reinstate powers to the very same councillors that were deemed unfit for purpose by Louise Casey In February 2015 to deem them now fit to run our Council when

Councillors who had to step down from cabinet rolls as being unfit for purpose have been reinstated in Cabinet posts (What’s Changed ??)  

Councillors who attended the Seminar in 2005 in which professor Alexis Jay said in her report on CSE in Rotherham “Anyone who attended that seminar cannot say they did not know of the CSE abuse in Rotherham.”

Councillors who attended that seminar who knew and kept quiet and allowed the abuse to continue without raising any concern are still in post and some have been promoted into senior positions with no action being taken against them   (what’s changed ??)

Figures released show that there were 235 Child sex offences recorded in Rotherham in 2016 TWICE AS MANY CSE CRIMES AS THE REST OF SOUTH YORKSHIRE     (What’s changed ??)

Rotherham Council set an unrealistic unachievable budget in 2015/16 and over run by Millions of Pounds they then repeated this in 2016/17 and again are set to overspend by even more and are having to use reserves to balance the books and even bigger service cuts and job losses forecast next year. Total mismanagement.    (What’s changed ??)

Most of this information has been sent to you by the Opposition Group on Rotherham Council which you and your predecessor have totally ignored or not even acknowledged.

You visited Rotherham and met only with the controlling Labour Councillors you did not meet with any of the opposition Group to discuss any of the way forward in Rotherham (Why was that we wonder ??)

This is just a small summary of what has not changed in Rotherham Council and it is with this we find your decision to give back powers to a Council deemed unfit for purpose by Louise Casey only to give it back to the very same people who are responsible for Rotherham’s problems in the first place. Unbelievable surely you must agree.

Who would put back in charge of a failed organisation the very people who was responsible for that failure in the first place then sleep at night in the knowledge everything is now sorted out and we have the same crew guiding the good ship Rotherham back on the rocks.

So, Mr Javid we would be pleased if you would take a little time to read this letter and honestly answer our concerns about how you came to your decision to reinstate these powers back to a Councillors in Rotherham MBC who were deemed totally unfit for purpose by your own very well respected investigator Louise Casey and Professor Jay so our towns people and parents can rest assured their Town and Children are in safe hands.

Please note as I deem this to be a subject very much in the public interest I will be circulating this letter to the wider public and media along with your reply.

I now await your reply with interest on the above valid comments.

Yours Faithfully

Caven Vines

Resident of Rotherham and ex opposition Councillor

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